Children's Sale

  • No sort – We will no longer sort the unsold items prior to consignor pickup. We will do a partial sort of the clothing (by first letter of consignor number). More specifics will be sent to consignors in the next few weeks.

  • Drop-off – We will have people inspecting shoes (for quality & quantity) and junior clothing (for sizes & style) at drop-off.

  • Restock – Consignors will have the opportunity to tag an additional 25 items for restock. You will have the option to bring those at regular dropoff for us to store until restock day or to bring them during the sale week prior to restock day.

  • Books – There will no longer be a limit on the number of books you may consign.

  • Price check – If you would like someone to look at your inventory list prior to tagging to get advice on pricing, let us know. This is especially helpful to new consignors.

  • The Katherine Dunwiddie Award – Katherine was a longtime consignor and Team Member. She died of cancer last summer and I miss her.  She was funny, kind, and hard-working. She consistently had an incredible sell-through percentage (sometimes as high as 90%). I think her secret was bringing quality items, presenting them well (ironed, etc), and pricing well. This award will be an extra 5% of their sales to the consignor who enters at least 100 items and has the highest sell through rate. I wish she was here to know about this. (She would probably win!)
    *Sell-through is the percentage of items sold

How it Works

  • Register to consign (HERE) and tag your items using our simple online system.
  • Bring your tagged, hung, pressed items to the sale location on the scheduled drop-off day. 
  • Come shop our Consignor Presale before we open to the public! 
  • You keep 65% of what you sell! Typically we will give you a check when you pickup your items.
  • Either pick-up your unsold items on the designated day or have us donate them for you. 
For the upcoming sale, consignors have the option to sign-up to bring an additional 25 items on Wednesday night or Thursday morning for our restocking day. You may also bring your restock items when you come to regular dropoff and we will hold them for you until restock day.

Detailed consignor instructions

  1. Register as a consignor. There is a non-refundable, non-transferable $10 consignor fee, so be sure you want to consign before registering. Sign-up for a drop-off appointment. Gather supplies such cardstock and a tagging gun & barbs. You may also want zip ties and tape.
  2. Gather your items and clean & press them if needed. Hang your clothing items. The hanger hook should open to the left (like a question mark) as the item faces you. Be sure things are in excellent condition and are on our list of accepted items.  It’s helpful to group your items by gender and size now so that tagging is more efficient and they are ready for drop-off.
  3. Log in to your consignor account and click Enter Items. Select a price, category, and size. Enter the brand and a detailed enough description that we could reunite a missing tag with the item. We cannot sell an item without a tag. Items marked for discount will be discounted 50% on the last day. Items marked for donation will be donated at the end of the sale. Click to add the item to your inventory. You may consign up to 150 tagged items.
  4. You must use cardstock or cover stock (65# or 67#) to print your tags. This can be found at any office supply store, Target, or Walmart. Tags will print 8 to a page. Set your printer on draft (the scanner has difficulty reading barcodes printed on high quality). Print and cut out your tags!
  5. Attach your tags to clothing using a tagging gun or safety pins. Attach tags to the garment tag or in a seam at the top right to avoid putting at hole in the clothing. Please do not attach tags at the bottom hem or the sleeve of garments. Please see more detailed tagging instructions here.
  6. Attach your tags to shoes by punching a hole in the tag and using a zip tie or ribbon. You may put shoes in a ziploc bag if there is no other way to secure a tag.
  7. Drop-off your items at the sale location during your scheduled time. Have your items sorted by gender and size for drop-off. Please bring a self-addressed envelope with a stamp inside so we can mail your check if necessary. We will go through all of your items. Any items we cannot accept will be returned to you.
  8. Shop during the Consignor Presale or give your pass to a friend! You are also invited to the half-price presale for consignors!
  9. Come get your unsold items during our scheduled pick-up hours. Items left after the end of pick-up will be donated regardless of donation designation. We are unable to hold or transport any remaining items. We typically can give you your check during when you come to pick-up your things!