Why Consign?

Want a simple way to turn your clutter into cash?
Make good money and sell it all in less than a week!
Have you tried consignment stores, buy/sell/trade groups, or yard sales?
Then you know this whole “clearing the clutter” thing can be time-consuming, frustrating,
and sometimes not very profitable.
Consigning with us means a BIGGER check and less hassle!
How it Works
1. Register to consign and tag your items using our simple online system
2. Bring your items to our sale location on our drop-off day
3. We give you a check for 65% of your earnings (55% for our Adult Sales) usually the day after the sale ends! You can earn even more by being a Team Member!

Why consign with The Clothesline?

  • Earn 65% of your sales (55% for our adult sales) and even up to 75% if you are a Team Member
  • Shop early, before we open to the public (even earlier if you are a Team Member)
  • Simple online system for tagging
  • Set your own prices and decide whether to discount
  • Drop-off your items and we do all the rest
  • We handle advertising and marketing
  • Check your sales each night through our online system
  • Either pick-up your unsold items or have them donated to community charities to continue to spread the love!
  • Get paid fast! Checks are usually ready during pick-up or mailed the next day!
Frequently Asked Questions
Is this time-consuming?
  • There is definitely time involved, but our online tagging system makes it much faster. You will spend time gathering your items, hanging clothing, entering your inventory, and attaching tags. You will get faster as you get more familiar with the system. Some people find that sorting by size and gender before getting started helps. Some people enter everything before printing tags and others enter a batch and then print. You’ll quickly figure out what works best for you.

What is the consignor fee?
  • There is a $10 non-refundable consignor fee that must be paid in order to complete your registration. 
What can I consign?
  • It’s always good to check the accepted items list for each specific sale because there are some sales we don’t accept in all categories. We are picky about what we accept in order to help consignors sell as much as possible and to give shoppers the best experience. We do not accept items with excessive wear, stains, or missing pieces.

When do I deliver my items?
  • Each sale has specific drop-off dates and times. You will bring your tagged, hung, prepared items to the sale location. You also need to bring a self-addressed stamped envelope so we can mail your check if necessary.

What happens to my unsold items?
  • When you enter each item into your inventory you will have the option of donating that item if it does not sell. Items you want back can be picked up during our specific pick-up time. Charities come and collect the items marked for donation. In addition to supporting your community by donating your items, you can also earn half of your consignor fee back by way of a gift certificate to the current sale if you mark ALL of your items “Donate: Yes.”

How much will I earn and when do I get paid?
  • For the Children’s Sale, consignors earn 65% of their sales. Team Members (consignors who help during the sale) can earn up to 75% of their sales. For our adult sales, consignors earn 55% of their sales or up to 65% if they are Team Members. Typically we are able to give you your check when you pick up your unsold items. If you are not picking up anything we are usually able to mail checks the following day. Instant gratification!

How do I get started?
  • Register as a consignor and jump right in! All of the details about how to tag are on the specific sale pages of the website.


“The Clothesline gives me a chance to stay at home with my boys and still make a little money. I loved the barcode system and the tagging and printing was effortless. The best part was getting to check my sales each night!”
“Just got back from picking up my things and wanted to say “Thanks! Great Job!” This was my first experience with consigning and you made it painless and exciting.”
“I was EXTREMELY excited to see that I have sold almost as much as we spent tonight!!  Woohoo!! And that was after only one day!!”
“Your sale was great and the turnaround on the check was SIMPLY AMAZING!”
“I wanted to let you know I received my check this past week in the mail. The entire experience of consigning with The Clothesline has been amazing. I am so pleased with how informed you kept me with all aspects of the sale. Thank you for all your efforts and amazingly speedy turnaround of paperwork and funds. I highly recommend your sale to anyone!”
“This was the first sale I have consigned with you on and I am so impressed with how easy it is!!
“I thought  your organization amazing, truly, and I would like to be a consignor again next time!”