Tagging Instructions

You decide what to price your items. You will sell more items if you price to sell!  Please double check all tags for accuracy.  We will not be responsible for mistagged or mispriced tags, incomplete tags, or items without tags.
All children’s clothing should have a number size on the tag (ex: 6, 14, etc..) NOT small, medium, large.  If the garment does not specify, make your best guess.   Children’s clothing is hung by a number size, so please tag it that way. Maternity wear is the only clothing that may be tagged with small, medium, etc. sizes.
Give a detailed description of the item. For example, “navy floral dress” instead of “dress.” When we find a loose tag, good descriptions allow us to confidently re-tag the item. 
Bring your clothing on hangers.  Clothes should be hung with the hanger hook facing the left as you look at it (like a question mark).  Attach two-piece outfits together with safety pins (NO straight pins please) or pin the second item to the hanger.  This reduces the risk of losing an item. 

Tags must be printed on cardstock (NOT regular paper).  The tags will print 8 to a page.

When printing your tags using the online tagging system, print using “Normal” or “Draft” quality.  (Avoid “best” quality because the barcode tends to bleed). 


*  Cardstock paper (do NOT print tags on regular paper)
*  Cable ties, string, or ribbon
*  Safety pins (NO stick pins) or tagging gun
*  Ziploc bags
*  Clear packing tape
*  Masking tape or painter’s tape
*  Hangers (these will not be returned to you)

We suggest you read through the instructions before gathering your supplies as you may not need everything listed.  For example if all of your items are on hangers, you won’t need ziploc bags.

Cable ties can be found in the electrical section of Walmart, Home Depot, or Lowes and sometimes at the Dollar Store.

Some dry cleaners give away wire hangers.  Sometimes Old Navy or Family Dollar will give hangers to customers. Try your Buy Nothing or other neighborhood groups.

Cardstock can be bought at Target, Walmart, and office supply stores or by the sheet at FedEx Kinkos.

Attaching Tags

For items that will have a price tag attached with tape, please use masking or painter’s tape.  Packing tape can damage items. Please do not tape over the barcode.

Furniture and equipment sells best when it is assembled.  Please bring any tools required if you would like to assemble your item.  If not, tape a baggie containing any hardware or pieces and the instructions to the item.

Puzzles, games, or boxed toys must be taped shut with masking or painter’s tape so that pieces are not lost during the sale.  Please be sure to count all pieces and make sure all essential parts are there.  Do not bring items that do not have all pieces.  Batteries must be working in all toys requiring them. 

DVDs, CDs, computer software, electronic games, etc. should be in their original cases if possible. 

Group small items together in a ziploc bag and seal it with clear packing tape. For example, fill a bag with same-sized socks or with hair bows.

Shoes may be attached to one another with string, ribbon, cable ties, or large safety pins.  You may also put them in a large ziploc bag or keep them in their shoebox. 

Blankets, swaddlers, baby carriers (slings, ergos, etc) should all be on hangers unless they are in a box or packaged.

Please prepare all of your tags according to these instructions.
This makes it easy for shoppers and easy for us to ensure you get credit for all of your sales!

If you have any questions please e-mail us at info@theClothesline.us.